Orders will only be accepted in written using the IBS application online, fax or email.
Ordering via fax or email must to include:
Identification data of the customer
Name of the company
Address, phone and fax number
Contact person`s name, phone number
Invoice and shipping address
Order details
Milling type
Color/Shade (the name of the color shade found in the samples list)
Size (height x width) in mm
The fiber orientation is established by the measure from the first column of the order (height)
Amount of the order
In the note field please mention if door saw out is necessary
Please also mention how would you like your product to be delivered (own transport, courier etc)
The order parameters will be checked before shipping as after the manufacturing process starts, modifications are not possible anymore.
For a better and easier processing of your order, please use the IBS application online or the ordering form and if you do not have one, please request it in electronic form.
Maximum 15 business days, counted from the moment of payment. Maximum 30 business days for exceptions as the antic style fronts, painted fronts and wooden fronts as the shipping time.
Complaints about the quality of the product will have to be sent in 3 days after receiving it. Only parts which suffered production defects will be sent to the supplier in order to find the source of the problem. 
The damaged part will be changed in the shortest time possible. Damages occurring during transport will not be considered manufacturing defects and the products will be changed for a surcharge.
User Guide
The 3D foil wrapped MDF fronts are products of the furniture industry, manufactured from the highest quality materials imported from Germany and the result is the finished product sized as requested by the customer.
Be extra careful as any cutting performed on the finished product will damage the isolation and due to the humidity there is a high risk of deterioration. Cut or modified products will lose warranty. 
The fronts mounting will be done carefully in order to avoid damaging or scratching of the surface.
Avoid scratching the surface with sharp, hard objects.
It is forbidden to position the product close to a heating source (ex. Owen), because without the thermo isolation, the PVC foil might detach. 
It is recommended to use built-in heating sources which emanate the heat in frontal and not side direction. 
Avoid exposing the fronts to thermal shocks.
Cleaning of the elements has to be made with a slightly wet and soft material, using products which will not scratch the surface and which does not contain alcohol or acid. 
Fronts wrapped in glossy foil are protected by an extra layer, which will be removed only when the mounting process is finished.
It is forbidden to use markers of any kind as they contain alcohol and even when the protection layer is still on, it might penetrate and leave marks on the product. 
After removing the protection layer, it is forbidden to clean the fronts for 15 days as they need time until they become resistant to the contact with air. 
After 15 days cleaning of the elements has to be made with a slightly wet and soft material, using products which will not scratch the surface and which does not contain alcohol or acid. 
Advised usage of foil wrapped MDF doors:
The PVC foil, with different decorations and colors is applied to the base support of the door, kneaded at temperatures of 100 ºC. 
These doors can have a tendency to exfoliate in temperatures over 60 ºC; however this does not mean that they are of poor quality. They meet the variety of high quality standards. Mounting elements require a lot of attention. In order to avoid any kind of inconveniences, below you will find a few advises on how to proceed with them.
1. The designer should suggest the customer to use oven with frontal heat emanating direction and not sided
 2. In case the customer chooses a cheaper oven with sided heat emission, which could damage the doors' edges, a preventing rail should be mounted (as seen below).
Heat conducting rail 
It is mounted near the oven in order to prevent any damage of the foiled door.
 3. For higher placed elements, the usage of 900mm wide hood and ceramic plates is recommended.
 4. In case of a 600mm hood, a telescopic one is recommended, therefore the door edges are protected even when closed.
5. In case of hoods embedded in a superior element, an aluminum profile door is recommended and not a MDF foiled door.
6. In case the customer would still like to go with the foiled MDF door above the hob, the inferior part of the element will be deepened by 20mm in order to cover the door`s thickness. Another solution would be to double the whole housing to 36mm with recessed doors.
Technical restrictions
Maximum height 2500mm, width 120mm, for fronts over 2000mm high the width will be a maximum of 900mm
Minimum size 270mm x 60mm
Cut door will not have rabbet on the glass
Decorations can only be ordered with the sizes mentioned in the catalogue
When horizontally directed fibers are requested, the maximum height will be 1200mm
For widths more than 1200mm the fibers will be horizontal 
Regarding models A34/R3, A35/R3 and A134/R3 the milling of the handle will be processed on its width.
Custom made shapes will be designed using technical drawings, performed by the engineers and the execution time and price will be established after analyzing the complexity of the product.

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